Our mission is to solve the interrelated problems of sustainably growing more food while making farmers profitable

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Our solution provides the missing link that completes the promise of precision ag -- precision soil analysis-- that delivers cost-effective, granular, and near real-time insight into the farmer’s soil health.

Our system integrates automated sampling processes into a system of mechanical and electronic processes which we call the Soil Optimizer™. It automatically gathers and analyzes the soil, reporting on the most important soil attributes, and integrates that data into tools that make it immediately actionable. 

This technology is contained in a portable, rugged box that performs the soil analysis and transmits the soil data. We essentially bring an automated, portable, miniaturized, and on-board soil lab to the farmer at a fraction of his historical cost per sample. 

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Gina Tarke

Enterprise Farms General Partner

JJ Gross

PCA Colusa County Farm Supply

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Owner Willoughby Farms


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